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Experience   of  To look


12/03 ao 02/04  2023

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O pequeno Tibet

Ladakh - the Tibetan region of northern India - has long been a cultural mosaic of kingdoms, hidden from foreign travelers. A place where Asian peoples mingled on the famous Silk Road.

The Tibetans were one of the most influential peoples in this Himalayan region.

and left, as a precious legacy,

the teachings of the Buddha, which continue

to expand the heart of each Ladakhi.


In 1974, the region opened its doors to curious travelers, eager to discover the “Land of high-altitude paths”. Currently, it is in the summer that most foreigners travel through the mountains of Ladakh, when the natives are busy cultivating the land.
In winter, even with cold temperatures, due to the high altitude, the sun predominates, illuminating
the snowy mountains. At that time, the Ladakhis hold their festivals and have time to share
worldviews with the rare travellers. Here's why we go in winter. 

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Norboo and Diskit, our hosts and friends, enrich our experience and stay in Leh with their valuable  presence

and host.

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Walking through Ladakh's vertical landscapes shows us that the welcome of its people is proportional to the size of its mountains.


Why take this trip?

For the emergence of self-knowledge and internal transformation, experiencing and recognizing the awakening of new inspirations.

To enrich and qualify life with an integrative experience. The external journey also becomes an internal journey, filled with
  of encounters and discoveries, offering us life stories that mark our journey.

The Experience of the Ladakh Look is an invitation to open new horizons, to get to know another culture, to awaken different ways of looking
and living, offering more freshness to life, transforming the  world of which we are a part.

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Our trips have a pre-chosen itinerary, but along the way, participants are invited to share the kind of adventures or experiences they would like to live. We open the map together to travel in our most intimate dreams and decide where we will go the next day. The unknown of the destination, of the weather... the call!

The trip will show you the poetry of life: geopoetics. 


Experience   of  To look


Solange Sato fala sobre sua experiência em 2017

This experience is suitable for lovers of cultural diversity,

who are willing and in good physical health,
and an adventurous spirit,
regardless of whether you like photography or not.
It is aimed at those who like to experience new horizons and who understand the value of a trip.

For us, traveling is living and living is presence,
is to look with awareness.

For us, traveling is living and living is presence,

is to look with awareness.

come with us

The group is limited to 7 people, because we promote trips with a focus on meaningful experiences and in a small group we can better enjoy the trip and the people. 

I want to be part of this trip!

Is this experience in line with what you would like to live?  

Then this trip is for you too.

Experience of Looking

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included in

Not included

- Preparatory meetings, before the trip

- Experience of the Look, with Olivier Boëls and João Paulo Barbosa

- Accommodation in a shared room in Delhi

- Accommodation in shared room Leh/Ladakh

- Delhi/Leh airfare

- All land transfers in India

- Airfare Brazil - India - Brazil

- Visa 

- Travel insurance

- Meals 

- Entrance to places that charge visitation

If you prefer, we can also take care of your airfare and travel insurance.

US $ 3200
por pessoa, para grupo mínimo
de 06 pessoas, em quarto duplo. 

Se preferir, podemos cuidar também de sua passagem aérea e seguro de viagem.

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How it works?

Contact us, let's talk. 

We want to know a little about you.

and what kind of experience will we share

we respect your privacy

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