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Peace and Love

Did you know that Araras spend a good part of their time flirting? Not long ago, I had the good fortune to move to Chapada dos Veadeiros and the little house where I now live, comes with a tree that seems to be the home of most Araras in the region. A spectacle of life, of nature. Let's get inspired by them and emanate, for 1 minute at least, good vibes for peace in the world. Let us be the force of change for a better world, not only for us, but for all beings that inhabit this small planet. If these politicians put a lot of energy into dividing, oppressing and destroying, we can educate them, showing that we want nothing less than a peaceful world. And it isn’t negotiable. Currently, the seek mind of Putin, is ordering, safely from his office in Moscow, to bomb Ukraine, when what we need is peace. “What we need is love... I know I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...”

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